Platinumvk Mushroom Nutrition for Long Life

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11m Feb 21, 2021

There is ongoing research which illustrates botanical compounds efficacy in modern medicine, this data shows impressive results of certain plant extracts compounds use in overall health viability, the data further presents the direct effect certain plant compounds have on stem cell activation.

Acquiring and or preparing certain plant compounds to address various degenerative conditions has also proven viable while selecting certain plant species with low toxicity constituents.

VK Platinum and VK Boost botanical formulas contains specific plant species selected from the planets four plant categories to address degenerative factors. These categories include:
The four planetary plant categories
 Bryophytes (non-vascular plants species such as Mosses, Liverworts, and Hornworts or 20,000 species)
 Pteridophytes (a vascular plant that dispenses spores because pteridophytes produce no flowers or seeds)
 Gymnosperm (a plant that has seeds unprotected by an ovary or fruit. Gymnosperms include the conifers, cycads, and ginkgo)
 Angiosperm (Angiosperm eggs are fertilized and develop into a seed in an ovary that is usually in a flower)
VK Boost contains multiple plant species from all four plant categories combined into a nutritionally dense compound to both nourish and rebuild cellular health, while VK Platinum delivers a powerful punch of cleansing and detoxifying plant species to the body eleven organ systems for overall wellbeing through the infinite intelligence of nature’s DNA plant life nutrition.


In a world of uncertainty, health is your primary asset. And through the limitless Power of Nature, not only can we strengthen our body defenses, we can Also choose to optimize our overall health while turbo charging our immune function.


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