Mercenaries, Travelling Tales and the Shaping of the Greek Age of Heroes ~ Dr. Jorrit Kelder

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1y Apr 18, 2020

In this lecture Dr. Jorrit Kelder guides us back into the Late Bronze Age in a world of mercenaries, trade, diplomatic relations and international contact. This follows the spread of tales from Egypt to the Greek World and what role mercenaries played in spreading these tales.

Primary Argument Presented: That Mercenaries served as an overlooked conduit for technology transfers and tales, connecting not only the "civilized" Ancient Near East Mediterranean but also the "Barbarian" periphery.

This lecture deals with these main points:

(1) Uluburun and possible Northern connections.
(2) Review of the use of mercenaries in the Ancient Near East Mediterranean.
(3) Mycenaean and possible European military presence in New Kingdom Egypt.
(4) Similar tales or common originals?

Check out Dr. Jorrit Kelder and his work on Academia here: https://oxford.academia.edu/JorritKelder

Website: https://jorritkelder.academia.edu/

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