Chieftain's Q&A #20: Zombies, Precious bodily fluids, and Magruder

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4m May 16, 2021

You should be starting to get the idea of this by now.

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:00 Intro
00:52 What are my thoughts on Israeli armour?
01:56 How do I feel about gun launched ATGMs? Why aren’t they used much on Western tanks, barring LAHAT?
02:35 Thoughts on T72M2 Moderna
03:27 The interface of computers with tank UI
05:22 Design a support tank / The design requirements process.
08:42 Which country’s armored forces were underrated, and why? WW2 and today.
10:43 Why do loaders "yell" to indicate a ready round, when everyone has an intercom?
11:35 Have I come across a documented instance of Panther or Tiger roadwheels being stuck in place due to frozen mud?
11:58 Had Germany won the war what vehicles would have continued to see service?
13:00 Where are the table and shelves from?
13:20 How well did the teaming up of early model tigers with Pz III Ausf Ns work?
14:36 The deliberate use of the noise of tanks.
17:45 British Armored Forces during the Troubles
18:57 Why did the British think tanks weren't suited for jungle, but the Japanese and US disagreed?
20:33 What color are the bottoms of tanks?
20:59 How to defend against ATGMs?
22:57 Explain my unit zombie defense plan
25:53 What, historically, has been the primary design focus for new tank guns?
27:18 What was a 'successful' home-built/non-official tank?
28:20 What would the XM87 Moran look like/do?
29:03 Have I ever seen a commie drink a glass of water?
30:10 Opinion on the new Army Green Service Uniform
30:56 How did German equipment such as tanks end up in the post-war Middle-Eastern conflicts
32:05 A Green-Mace-based TD
34:57 Cold War tank-fired nuclear warheads
35:58 Favourite version of the Leman Russ
36:16 Who learned more from the 67 and 73 wars, NATO or WarPac?
37:55 In a chemical environment, how long does a tank crew stay locked in the vehicle?
39:38 Is it possible that the relatively low numbers of US tankers killed is a reflection of the fact that the UK did more tank fighting?
40:31 Ingenious mis-use of equipment.
41:10 Army Reserve feasibility requirements and full-time/part time career choices
47:42 More thoughts on the purpose of wheeled AFVs such as M1128
49:55 Will the M60 have a ludicrously long service life, complete with upgrades, like Sherman?
51:30 Full rubber tracks.
52:19 Is there an argument for going back to larger calibre tube artillery for greater smart munition payload?
54:06 Why do unit commanders ride tanks and not command vehicles?
56:11 After-action reports on Locust or Tetrarch?
57:08 How does Elbonia defend against tanks whilst they are fixing their own AFV disaster?
58:48 Most dangerous threat to tanks in Normandy
59:37 How does one of my height become a tanker?
1:00:43 Thoughts on Challenger 3
1:03:37 What did I wish the M1 had?
1:04:09 Is it possible that Sherman has a poor reputation today because so many Sherman crews lived to complain about them?
1:05:23 TankBoat
1:05:53 Does an infantry company carry enough ammo to kill an ERA-equipped tank company?

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The Chieftain (Real name Nicholas Moran) is Wargaming America's resident tanker and amateur historian.


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