How To Remove and Clean Screens For DaVinci Vaporizers

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6y Jul 9, 2015

http://www.davincivaporizer.com - Today, we will show you how you can remove and clean the screens of your DaVinci™ Vaporizer. Click to watch now.

First, unscrew the flexi straw and set aside. To remove the top 2 screens, gently screw the upper chamber cap. The first screen easily pops out of the threaded cap. While the second one can be removed by using a technique and pushing it out from the top. To remove the bottom screen in the chamber, you will want to take your toothpick, push one side of the screen down inside the chamber and remove.

Once the screens are out, soak all 3 in isoprophyl alchohol to clean and rinse the screens with water. Or you can purchase additional screens on our website.

Next, we're going to place the screen back in your device. Start by taking the larger screen and push it back down into the chamber using a toothpick. Then take one of the two smaller screens and push it back up into the air pathway until it is flushed.

Finally, replace the last screen in to the upper chamber cap and reattached both the cap and flexi straw. Don't forget to run a burn off cycle with an empty chamber at max temperature to burn off excess alchohol chemicals.

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