March 2019 Q&A

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2y Apr 1, 2019

Christopher D
What was the most important development in firearms history?

Will W
What is your favorite place for poboys in New Orleans?

Lee H
Do you think Hudson would have done better by developing a polymer framed pistol over aluminum and would that have done better to keep them solvent and afloat?

Eamon B
How often do you get to shoot your WWSD carbines between all the odd guns you use in matches for videos?

How would you design a 2G-ACM stage to elicit more knowledge about the use, benefits, and detriments of automatic fire?

John G
What’s the one gun (any timeframe) that you really want to see a repro made of?

Joe L
What is your favorite type of cuisine?

Steven S
What commonly used WW-II pistol would be the worst?

Jordan Mm
What has been your favorite rifle to bring to a 2GACM.

Have either of you had any experience with the SIG 55X series of rifles?

Mitchell c
Is there any hope left for the AK74 in the American market? (New 5.45 AKs seem unobtainable)

Charles S
Retro Wave Shooting Match?

How common is slide bite (it just happened to me for the first time)?

Sean M
If the ar-15 and ar-18 had been in development simultaneously and gone head to head in us military trials which rifle would have been adopted and why?

Levi C
As a match director and competitor, what are your thoughts on the feasibility of a 3 gun type match that subbed shotguns for precision rifles?

Peter K
Have you ever been DQ'd, and what did you do to avoid that mistake in the future?

Ed M
Short: What would be your “tacticool” WWI weapon (doesn’t need to be combat effective, just for shits n’ giggles).

Kyle T
If you could only have guns from one designer, and you can't choose John Moses Browning, who would it be and why?

Anthony H
Do you see a binary trigger being effective in a Belt Fed Semi-Auto such as the DPM with the RP46 attachment?

Austin K
Is the Valmet M76, in .223/5.56, worth the 2-3k price tag?I came across 13 mags - trying to figure out if I should sell them, or buy a Valmet.

James H
Ian if you won the lottery would you attempt to finance an American produced reproduction Famas? Karl your thoughts?

London Jolly
Of the three tradeoffs (weight, accuracy, reliability), which two do you tend to want to see in a firearm?

Matthew P
Are you guys still using the javelin carbon fiber bipod, or have you found a better alternative yet?

David L
What has been the most enjoyable thing you've ever done in InRangeTV?

Dan L
If you could remove one item from the NFA (suppressors, full auto, SBRs/SBS's, destructive devices, etc.) what would it be and why?

Chance H
Repeat. Would you rather have a sub $100 Amazon optic or a good optic from 50 years ago.

The big red
I asked this one before, would a cheap AR 500-600$ be better than a gun of an older design fal-g3?

Denis L
Do either of you think that rapid burst type designs or multi-projectile ammunition like project salvo/Duplex are worthwhile in comparison to simply training the shooter better.

Do you guys have any plans to bring back the split-screen for competition vids?

Tim K
Have you ever considered doing a series on examining if gun scenes from various movies would actually have worked in real life?

Alexander B
Why do you think there are no modern designs that incorporate the H&K roller locked blow back system?

Leslie W
If Desert Brutality 2020 is at SUPS and the 100 meter restriction is still in place with you have a pistol caliber carbine division or have it as a subset of the divisions already established?

Yuriy R
How important is the individual infantryman's rifle to winning wars?

What's the worst rifle/handgun you've ever taken to a match?

What kinds of stage elements do you find to be the most fun, even if they are not a serious test of performance?

David W jr
has ian (or karl) been shooting the dsa israeli fal/any competitions?

When setting up 2gun action matches are there any allowances mobility issues but still want to compete?

Thomas A
If you could only attend one (annual) match which would you recommend?

Felix M
Do you guys do sport besides shooting and what do you think about airsoft as a sport?

Andreas Nohl
What do you think about the pistols, in your PO-box? I hope they are not molten, yet.

Nicolas B
Following my last question, how do you guys think the FAMAS will perform in a mud/dust test ?

Duke VonMeep the 2nd
Could a Rotating barrel as opposed to browning tilting be a better platform for a RDO pistol?

Alex P
What's your experience with progressive reloading presses? Good, bad, and ugly? Recommendations?

Chad R
Is the USFA Zip 22 the worst gun you have ever shot or is the Cobray terminator shotgun still the king of the crap guns?

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