Old Rusted PlayStation 2 Restoration | Retro Repair Guy Episode 17

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1m Sep 13, 2021

The Retro Repair Guy restores an original Sony PlayStation 2 FAT. For this restoration, I recapped the power supply, replaced the belt in the DVD drive and cleaned it all up. This retro game console is now ready for some cool retro gaming.

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The seventeenth episode of the Retro Repair Guy. A series aimed at retro and vintage electronic repair and restoration.

Footage, Music, and information in this video sourced from and used with permission:
• Soundstripe (Get 20% OFF https://www.soundstripe.com/join?id=VDV27YrD)
• Pixabay

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:00 Snazzy Intro
03:22 Show Intro
06:05 Testing before restoration
06:58 Opening up the PlayStation 2
10:07 Recapping the power supply
11:32 Opening up the Network Adapter and DVD
13:58 Let’s take a bath
15:56 A word about the rust
17:01 Reassembling the Network Adapter, DVD and PlayStation 2
20:57 Testing the restored retro game console
22:36 Before and After
24:01 Wrap up
26:28 Credits

About Retro Repair Guy

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