Review: Langrisser 1 PCE

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1w Jul 17, 2021

If you like Langrisser and/or 90s Anime, then you owe it to yourself to play this game.

Cutscene video link: https://utreon.com/v/mATRZ2oKyRw
or https://odysee.com/@Harvester:6/Langrisser1AllCutscenes:8

Songs used:
"Legend of the Sword" from Langrisser 2
"Scenario Prologue" from Langrisser 1 (Genesis)
"Thoughts of the Holy" from Langrisser 1 (PCE)
"Thoughts of the Holy" from Langrisser 1 (Genesis)
"Tiaris' Theme" from Langrisser 3
"Royal Guard" from Langrisser 1 (PCE)
"Enemy Phase 2" from Langrisser 1 (Genesis)
"Track 9" from Langrisser 1 (PCE)
"The Return of the Light" from Langrisser 1 (PCE)
"Don't Stop Your Dream" from Langrisser 1 (PCE)

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joaoaletorios @joaoaletorios 1w 1 week ago

If you like Langrisser there is a PS1 game called vanguard bandit the OST and history are very similar to langrisser but the gameplay is different from it but it good and strategic.

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Harvester Of Eyes @harvester 1w 1 week ago

That one's on my hitlist... eventually. There are quite a few PS1/PS2 games that I need to check out. Don't worry - I'll get there in time!

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MyRPGIsBetterThanYoursCosplay @shintocetra 1w 1 week ago

Those cutscenes are giving me strong SEGA CD Lunar vibes, and that's a very good thing coming from me. In regards to 80's/90's anime: It's hard to assign a strict cutoff year, but sometime in the 2000's, CGI became much more prevalent, and there was a trend to eschew the thick dark outlines, and heavy color contrast of 80's/90's anime. As a result, most anime today has an overly cutesy/shiny/overall inferior imo look. There are modern exceptions, eg JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but it is not the norm.

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