Soviet Threat 2019: Parachute Regiment 1964 with Rifleman Moore

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1y Sep 25, 2019

Matt had the pleasure of attending the Autumn 2019 Soviet Threat event at Hack Green Nuclear Bunker in Cheshire at the weekend and spoke to many of the reenactors and collectors attending the event. One of the people Matt had the chance to speak to was Simon of the Rifleman Moore YouTube channel.

Simon is a collector of uniforms and kit and part of the MECo group of collectors and reenactors. At Soviet Threat he was portraying a member of the British Army's PARA's as they would have been dressed and equipped circa 1964 - twenty years on from Operation Market Garden, which took place 75 years ago this year.

Many thanks to Simon for taking the time to speak to us and run through his uniform and kit. Check out his channel here: https://youtube.com/user/RiflemanMoore

If you missed it, check out Matt's earlier video on Soviet Threat 2019 here: https://youtu.be/MEA309eKvc0

Check out the accompanying blog for this video here: http://armourersbench.com

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