The Devils Historians: How Modern Extremists Abuse the Medieval Past | Dr. Kaufman | Dr. Sturtevant

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9m Nov 23, 2020

Doctor Amy S. Kaufman and Doctor Paul B. Sturtevant examine the many ways in which the medieval past has been manipulated to promote discrimination, oppression, and murder.

Tracing the fetish for “medieval times” behind toxic ideologies like nationalism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, misogyny, and white supremacy, Kaufman and Sturtevant show us how the Middle Ages have been twisted for political purposes in every century that followed.

The Devil’s Historians casts aside the myth of an oppressive, patriarchal medieval monoculture and reveals a medieval world not often shown in popular culture: one that is diverse, thriving, courageous, compelling, and complex.

To support these awesome scholars please check out the links below and buy a copy of their book!

To buy a copy go here: https://utorontopress.com/ca/the-devil-x2019-s-historians-2

Dr. Paul Sturtevant.

Website: www.paulsturtevant.com

Academia: https://si.academia.edu/PaulSturtevant

His first book "The Middle Ages in Popular Imagination: Memory, Film, and Medievalism", which lays out a study he did of what people "know" about the Middle Ages, and how they learn about it (especially through consuming pop culture).

The "Race, Racism and the Middle Ages" series at The Public Medievalist: https://www.publicmedievalist.com/race-racism-middle-ages-toc/

Check out The Public Medievalist here: https://www.publicmedievalist.com

Dr. Amy Kaufman

Website: https://www.amyskaufman.com/

The Devils Historians Website: https://www.devilshistorians.com/

An article she did involving ISIS, Terrorism and History.

Academia: https://independent.academia.edu/KaufmanAmy

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