Speculative Zoology From My Past: The Cordala System

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1m Sep 20, 2021

Reading Dougal Dixon’s “After Man: A Zoology of the Future” as a teenager in the mid eighties, really spurred me on to do my own speculative zoology. But my interest in biology and the history of life on Earth as a child had always inspired me to create many fanciful creatures. Armed with my pencils, I thought up countless faunas detailing them on numerous sheets of paper. This is the first one in a new series where I will have some of my old drawings retraced so I can show you all the weird worlds I imagined back in the day. The Cordala system was originally inspired by a comic book series called Storm, especially the chronicles of Pandarve. In this series, the hero, originally an astronaut from Earth, is stranded in an alternate universe, where one could sail between worlds through a continuous atmosphere. I envisaged an enormous gas giant that was big enough to encompass habitable worlds within its breathable atmosphere.

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