IDARM 2017 - M1 Garand Style - Stage 3 - Bunkers

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3y Aug 23, 2017

What's more American than a rifle match on July 4th, you might ask?

InRange's answer to that question? Use an M1 Garand!

While the match wasn't specifically WW2 themed, the stages were aligned well for it to be and stage 3 continues that trend. :)

In this stage 3, we have two WW2 style field sand bag bunker emplacements with blind long range target engagements. You start at one bunker, forced to fire out of a very challenging firing position at targets only previously identified via a drawn range card. You then have to move to another sandbag position and re-engage the same targets however the entire presentation changes due to the angle shift. This was quite a challenging stage!

First, let's thank our match hosts, Independence Training:

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