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10y Jun 15, 2011

This film has adult themes so watch at your discretion.

Watch the film then read description!

A short film that I decided to shoot in a few hours after the Majorca Masterclass after guided 6 teams to shoot their own pieces the next day I had to shoot for myself!

It stars the exquisite Nina K from Georgia (who's real name is Nino but she goes by Nina to avoid people confusing her gender!) and my new friend Ronad Vonk from Rotterdam.

Both where students at the Masterclass and stayed on to help me shoot this little film I had in my head. This version is actually the very dark version. The original idea is the same edit with one additional scene and if you are familiar with a lot of the DSLR community watch the end credits to understand further... You can see that edit here: http://gopb.co/3i

This is shot on a Sony F3 simply because I have not really shot anything on my new F3 since I got so this was the perfect chance. Although much of this would have been great with the DSLRs. this camera is simply an absolute beauty.A joy to shoot with despite the lack of handheld rig, adored the results and so easy to grade even though i just used XDCAM EX internal. Left my KiPro mini at home in England! :(

Lenses were the Zeiss CP.2 85mm, and the old Cooke made RED lens branded 18-50 lens. I had others with me but this was alll I needed!

The handheld is shaky for a reason...it's handheld!!

Steadicam would give it a total wrong feel. So mixture of organic handheld and locked off tripod shots...

Check out my blog soon for info including a commentary,BTS video and loads of info!


Starring Nina K, Ronald Vonk

Original score by Cédric Conti. Big thanks to him! Beautiful.

I spent 17 years working in news and have seen countless horrors and covered hideous stories. This film sums up just what horrors there are out there for me very simply.

Most of my work is gentle. I wanted to make a little piece which was totally different to my other work, never shot or directed a scene like the one near the end.

This film's concept is very simple. Utter beauty shattered by a moment of senseless ugliness. Something that happens in the world countless times every day.

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