Branded Retro Handhelds

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1w Jan 14, 2022

Today we're taking a look at retro handhelds which have a corporate logo on them for one reason or another. Some of these are fun, some are weird, and it's hard to believe that a few of these exist at all.

00:00 - Intro
00:49 - Tommy Hilfiger Gameboy Color
01:55 - Marlboro Atari Lynx
03:54 - Pepsi Twist Nintendo DS
06:01 - Target Gameboy Advance
07:13 - Lunchables Gameboy Color
08:19 - Coca-Cola Game Gear
09:26 - Wrap-up and Announcements

Read more about these handhelds on Console Variations website:
Tommy Hilfiger GBC - https://consolevariations.com/variation/console/game-boy-color-tommy-hilfiger

Marlboro Lynx - https://consolevariations.com/variation/console/atari-marlboro-lynx

Pepsi Twist DS - https://consolevariations.com/variation/console/nintendo-ds-pepsi-edition

Target GBA - https://consolevariations.com/variation/console/game-boy-advance-target-red

Lunchables GBC - https://consolevariations.com/variation/console/game-boy-color-lunchables

Coca-Cola Game Gear - https://consolevariations.com/variation/console/sega-game-gear-coca-cola-red

Apologies for the plosives, I have a new mic and it's a lot more sensitive than the previous mic, but I'm adding a screen so it should be better next time.

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