TAKE NOTE: Dewanna Bonner IS a WNBA Superstar!

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2m Jul 22, 2021

Dewanna Bonner is one of the most underrated players in the WNBA! She has the quickness and skills of a guard and the height and legnth of a forward/center. Not only does this allow her to get off her own shot and be an effective defender, it also helps her get teammates open. However, since she played alongside some of the all-time greats with the Mercury, she was never the top option and always overlooked. While she was the top option last year with the Conneticut Sun, their losing record and lack of a WNBA championship overshadowed her stellar play. Hopefully, this year with the Sun having a winning record and her continued success as the number 1 option, she will be recognized as the superstar she is.


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