The next-generation video platform.

Utreon is a platform designed to allow creators to broadcast their video content to their audiences in the modern era.

Joining is Easy

Joining Utreon is a breeze – we do the heavy lifting for you. Your existing content will be imported and kept up-to-date for you. This allows you to conserve your existing workflow by avoiding the need to duplicate uploads across platforms. We keep everything frictionless so you can focus on your work.

Monetize with Subscriptions

Receive 75% of paid subscription revenues – a higher share than both YouTube and Twitch. Subscriptions allow you to connect with your most loyal fans, and reward them with exclusive perks. Use our paywall tools to develop a predictable revenue stream that doesn't rely on ads or algorithms.


Become an Early Adopter

Join our early adopter program now to receive the following benefits:

Better Rates

Better Rates

Early adopters receive a higher revenue share for monetization options.
Guaranteed for Life

Guaranteed for Life

Your 75% share of subscription revenue will never be reduced.
Priority Support

Priority Support

No matter how large we grow, you will always be able to contact a human.

Professional Tools

Utreon gives you the power to bring more value to your content. Our tools allow you to organize and structure your content in new ways, bringing your channel to the next level.


Use Markdown in your descriptions to include formatting and even tables.


Use shows, cover art, episode numbers, table of contents, to improve your content.

Video Types

Whether your video is a show, movie, music video, or presentation, it is displayed accordingly.

Keep Your Content Safe

Content Backup

Content creators are increasingly recognizing the dangers of storing content in a single location. Joining Utreon ensures that your content is always available online, and makes you less vulnerable to the whims of a single platform.

Content Rating

Our advanced content rating system enables viewers, parents and organizations to filter content with a high degree of precision.

Content Descriptors

This precision will also play an important role in matching content to suitable advertisers – paving the way for new monetization options in the future. Advertisers will be able to decide for themselves what is appropriate or not, allowing us to monetize more content than other platforms.