The next-generation video platform.

Utreon is a platform designed to allow creators to broadcast their video content to their audiences in the modern era.

Open Discovery

Discover new and independent content. When someone controls what you see, they control what you think. Viewers shouldn't have what they see controlled by big-brother. That's why we let viewers be in control of their algorithm.


Clear Rules

Everyone agrees there should be rules and standards. It's just that they should be equally applied. We make our rules easy to understand, and don't give special treatment. Instead of using algorithms to moderate, we empower viewers to moderate through our Judgment System that is built to ensure transparency and credibility.

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Instant Karma

You can use your real-life identity or stay anonymous, but either way you have a score-card. Content and comments can be up or down-voted, and all contribute to your Approval. When you successfuly help us moderate, that contributes to your Judgement. All viewers have a chance to contribute and be recognized.


Content Rating

We make it easy for content creators to tell us what's in their videos, and we use that information to generate a Content Rating. This makes it easy for viewers and parents to filter what they see. It also makes it easier for advertisers to advertise on the content that's right for their brand-image.

Content Descriptors

Serious Tools

Your tools shape your thinking. We built our platform to help creators bring their content to the next level by making it possible to organize and structure their content in ways other platforms don't. If you're making a show, it deserves cover art, episode numbers, and all the things that used to be restricted to professional productions. We take you seriously.

Meta Data

Get Monetized

Content creators have a passion for what they do. Getting your content monetized is the way to be able to focus on that passion, and bring it to the next level. Our goal is to get you monetized. Tiered-subscriptions and microtransactions are only the first step. We'll soon have an announcement that will shape the direction of advertisements and sponsorships for decades to come.

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