Why Utreon?

We built Utreon to be the next chapter of the video revolution

The revolution that started in the mid-2000s has stalled-out, with the very platform that started it alienating viewers and creators alike.

Utreon is the first credible challenge to the status-quo with a focus on innovative features, community engagement, reasonable policies, and privacy.

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Return to Innovation

Existing platforms focus much of their attention on optimizing algorithms to boost ad-revenue, while completely neglecting basic functionalities that could really make a difference to the viewers who actually use the platform.

We understand that a new platform needs to do more than copy the functionalities of existing platforms. To learn more about our solutions and upcoming features, please see our product roadmap.


Genuine Engagement

Viewers want to interact with their favorite creators and participate in real communities. They want to post memes, ask questions, share their favourite clips, earn approval, and much more.

We think it’s time for a new platform with fresh ideas to take things to the next level.

Credibility in Policy

Tech giants are deciding what can be expressed on social media, and the demand for alternatives is growing. The answer proposed by these alternatives is the opposite of censorship: complete freedom-of-speech.

While we sympathize with their motivations, this approach cannot succeed. Uncensored platforms lack the legitimacy needed to become mainstream and are easy targets for blacklisting.

Our goal is to create a viable mainstream alternative, while avoiding the excessive and heavy-handed censorship of YouTube. They key to doing so is focusing on building systems that generate credible outcomes. Read the article below to learn more about our approach.

On Censorship, Free Speech, and Algorithms

Respecting Privacy

At Utreon we take privacy seriously. We do not sell personal information under any circumstances, allow users to make accounts under pseudonyms for increased anonymity, and use a password-less system to keep our users safe from data breaches.

In short, we do our best to make sure your personal information on Utreon is as secure as possible. For more details, please visit our Privacy Policy. It’s long and boring, but comprehensive.

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For Creators

We make joining Utreon and monetizing your channel easy.

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