Bronze Age Civilizations ~ Bronze Age Collapse
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This playlist is everything Bronze Age and Bronze Age Collapse from the Sumerians to the Hittite Empire and beyond to the Sea Peoples and the Iron Age transformation.
Piracy and the Bronze Age Collapse
8 months ago

In this episode titled "Piracy in the Bronze Age Collapse" we are joined by none other than Dr. Louise Hitchcock and Dr. Aren Maeir! Together they guide us into an obscure but important aspect of not just the Late Bronze Age but of the Bronze Age...

Grisly discovery of sacrificed Women and Children revealed in Aztec Skull Tower!
10 months ago

In our segment of history today I go over the latest gruesome archaeological discover of women and children sacrificed and used to build a tower of skulls in the Aztec Empire. Guardian description: Archaeologists have unearthed new sections of an Aztec..

The History of the Minoans and the Bronze Age Collapse
10 months ago

In this presentation Dr. Louise Hitchcock guides us through every aspect of Minoan History from the earliest populations and migrations into Crete to the hybridization of cultures and peoples that would come to define the peoples that we call the Minoans.

Which Civilization Came First?
10 months ago

In this episode Dr. Miano guides us through a heated topic that continues to rage on social media and that is which civilization came first? Was it the Mesopotamian Civilization? Egyptian Civilization? Or the Indus Civilization? First he asks "What is..

The Origins of the Israelites
11 months ago

In the first episode of our series on Ancient Israel and also Judah we are joined by Dr. Aren Maeir who guides us into the controversial and heavily debated origin or origins of the Ancient Israelites. He discusses the scholarship on the subject such as:

Enuma Elish | The Babylonian Epic of Creation | Complete Audiobook | With Commentary
11 months ago

This is the complete audiobook of the Enuma Elish : The Babylonian Epic of Creation that also comes with commentary. I hope that you all enjoy this awesome work that helps us better understand ancient Mesopotamian Mythology, Religion and Civilization. .

Early Dynastic Mesopotamia ~ Sumerian / Akkadian Empires
11 months ago

The Early Dynastic Period of Mesopotamia is the modern-day archaeological term for the era in Mesopotamian history – 2900-2334 BCE – during which some of the most significant cultural advances were made including the rise of the cities, the...

The Bronze Age Collapse / New Research ~ Dr. Eric Cline
11 months ago

In this video Dr. Eric Cline talks about new developments in the study of the Bronze Age Collapse going back the past five years and especially from the scientific perspective. What new approaches are scientists taking to better understand the Late...

The History of an Elamite City (SUSA)
11 months ago

Susa was one of the oldest cities in the world and part of the site is still inhabited as Shush, Khuzestan Province, Iran. Excavations have uncovered evidence of continual habitation dating back to 4395 BCE but that early community grew from an even older

The Kingdom of Commagene
12 months ago

The Kingdom of Commagene (163 BCE - 72 CE) was a Hellenistic political entity, heavily influenced by Armenian and ancient Persian culture and traditions, established in southwestern Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) by Ptolemaeus of Commagene (r. 163-130 BCE).

The Origins of the Sumerians (DNA)
1 year ago

In this episode we bring you the origins of the Sumerians. We know who they are and what they achieved but what do we know about where they came from and who they actually were? For millennia, the southern part of the Mesopotamia has been a wetland...

The Real Origins of the Philistines and Palestinians
1 year ago

In this video Seth from the "World History by a Jew" YouTube Channel, takes us into the Bronze Age Collapse, the origin of Philistinians and Palestinians. From archaeology, written history, DNA studies and etymologies he gives a broad and in-depth...

Is the Bronze Age Collapse Wrong? ~ Dr. David Rohl
1 year ago

In this episode with Dr. David Rohl, we ask how his New Chronology affects the Bronze Age Collapse and its chronology? Is the timeline for the Bronze Age Collapse wrong? Did the Bronze Age Collapse happen and if so when? What if the Greek Dark Age...

The Kingdom of Alashiya and the Bronze Age Collapse
1 year ago

Alashiya, also spelled Alasiya, also known as the Kingdom of Alashiya, was a state which existed in the Middle and Late Bronze Ages, and was situated somewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean. It was a major source of goods, especially copper, for ancient...

The Bronze Age Collapse in the Bible
1 year ago

In this episode Seth Fleishman from the YouTube Channel "World History By A Jew," takes us into a subject I have really looked forward to and that is the Bronze Age Collapse in the Bible. In this lecture he explores the Old Testament and shows us the...

Philistine Society in Ancient Canaan
1 year ago

In this episode Dr. Maeir guides us through Philistine Society and what little bit of information that we know about them. Was it a hierarchical society? Is their societal structure due to their relationship to Greece? Are there problems with this...

The Elamite Empire
1 year ago

Elam was a region in the Near East corresponding to the modern-day provinces of Ilam and Khuzestan in southern Iran (though it also included part of modern-day southern Iraq) whose civilization spanned thousands of years from c. 3200 - c. 539 BCE. The...

Egypt and the Bronze Age Collapse
1 year ago

In this episode we dive into the Bronze Age collapse from the Egyptian perception. We start off by briefly giving a summary of the Bronze Age collapse for those who may not be familiar with the subject. We will explore three invasions of the Sea Peoples.

Dogs in Ancient Mesopotamia
1 year ago

Dogs have been a part of the history of human beings since before the written word. The ancient temple of Gobekli-Tepe in Turkey, dated to at least 12,000 years BCE, has provided archaeologists with evidence of domesticated dogs in the Middle East...

Ancient Egypt's New Chronology by Egyptologist Dr. Rohl
1 year ago

New Chronology is an alternative chronology of the ancient Near East developed by English Egyptologist David Rohl and other researchers beginning with A Test of Time: The Bible - from Myth to History in 1995. It contradicts mainstream Egyptology by...